Creating Caricatures Of Yourself And Others

To get along in this world, it sure does help if you have a good sense of humor. And one of the best examples of this ability to shrug off the ills of this world is to laugh out loud at none other but yourself. Set aside what you think of others for a bit and tell the world your side of the story by making yourself the laughing stock of the world. You can do this with the help of a dedicated artist still tapping his fingers for new ideas in his little caricature art marietta ga studio.

Actually, he’s probably not tapping his fingers for all that long. He doesn’t need to wait for you to come around. Because he’s probably got that kind of mind where ideas are just dripping from his forehead, like sweat pouring off of you on a hot summer’s day. All this guy has to do is open the dailies and, thank you very much, there’s plenty of mickeys out there that will be making his day. And putting jam on his bread.

But do yourself the laughing favor of giving himself a buzz, especially if it’s looking pretty gray and bleak out your way. Where are you by the way? A hundred miles north? Doesn’t matter. Because this joker can reach out to you online. Heck, this is one of the places where the most and best jokes are being published these days. Why? Because everyone’s online, that’s why. You pull no punches here and just you watch.

caricature art marietta ga

See how easily you get away with it. Even so, whether making a mockery of yourself, or of others, it’s still good. Laughter is the best medicine as they say. And boy, does the world need it right now.