Safe As Houses In The Tub

In the tube is where many people like to be for a little peace and quiet apart from the usual ritual of washing properly under the arms and never mind where else. The problem is that not everyone can afford this luxury. No, this has nothing to do with the price of a luxurious bathtub and all its accoutrements. No, these accoutrements if you can continue calling it that for now are for these folks.

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These are tub safety products san diego ca provisos for those folks who struggle to get in the bathtub, and get out of it again when they are finished. And when you think about it, accidents do happen for you too. You are tired to the bone and after you have had a ‘nap’ (not a wise thing to do, but anyhow) in the bath, you drowsily lift yourself up. And as you sleepily reach out for the towel over there, you slip and fall.

It gets worse as you grow older. Speaking of which, these are the folks we are talking about. Bathtub incidents are the one place where many old people slip and fall and break their hipbones. With tub safety products installed, neither they nor you need to injure yourselves. Get used to the idea of a rubber mat at the bottom of the bathtub. Be vigilant for once in your life. It is for your own good. For the old folks, railings are installed on the side of the bath to help them ease their way in.

And ease their way out again. And for them, the summer shower had become something of a luxury. Now there you really could slip and fall. Not anymore. A mat for you, and a seat for them.