Three Upcoming Fall Trends You Need to Know About

Fall is pretty much already here, and the new trends are starting to flow into department stores and fast-fashion stores, alike. With so many styles and pieces to choose from, how do you weed out the trendy clothes from the lame ones? Trends come and go, but it’s still important to be on trend! Below are three trends that will be hot this fall.

Casual Blazers

Casual blazers are going to be all the rage this fall. Casual cool, like cropped sweatshirts, has been in style the past few years but this year blazers are going to be all the rage. To clarify: structured and stiff blazers are not trendy for everyday casual wear.

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It’s all about the looser fitting, flowy blazers that can be worn with a nice pair of high-waisted jeans and booties. Even more, fashionable clothing bellflower ca stores are selling gray plaid blazers that are the go-to piece for the fall.

Autumn-inspired Colors

Fall-colored clothing is making a comeback this year. The past few years, bright neons have dominated every season, but this fall that changes. Dark oranges, yellows, and army greens are going to be the go-to colors this fall. Whether you wear these colors on a cardigan, pants, or skirt, you will be on trend.

Patterned Pants

Of course, jeans are still in style, particularly high-waisted jeans. But, patterned pants are going to dominate the fall season. The pants can be plaid, polka dot, or geometric printed. They can be striped or zig-zagged. Pick your favorite pattern and find a pair of pants with that pattern on it and you will instantly be on trend.

There are so many options for clothing these days, and if you want to be on trend this fall be sure to buy a casual blazer in a fall color and pair it with a pair of patterned pants to be exactly on trend.